In-ground Self Cleaning Pools

Believe it or not, self cleaning pools are a thing. Not only do they exist, but they make owning a pool even more fun than they already are. Phoenix Pools, your Omaha pool company, features in-ground pools that come equipped with self cleaning technology. One of the biggest deterrents to owning a pool for a lot of people is the maintenance involved. The beauty of owning a self cleaning pool is maintenance dramatically decreases, which translates to more time enjoying your pool and less time worrying about cleaning it.

A Built in Self Cleaning System

Our custom in-ground pools feature a self cleaning system that is built into the pool in a seamless and almost invisible way. This is not a robotic cleaning device – no hoses and not removing bulky devices in and out of the pool every time you want to swim. Our in-ground self cleaning pools are equipped with a Paramount In-floor cleaning and circulation system. The retractable cleaning nozzles are strategically placed throughout the pool’s flooring. When activated they self rise from the floor and shoot a strong stream of water that pushes all debris to the deepest part of the pool. Wall mounted jets then create a sweeping motion that push debris into the safety drain. From there, all the debris are transferred to a hidden collection canister.  And in a matter of minutes, your pool is clean.

Self Cleaning Pool Benefits

The most obvious benefit is you don’t have to clean your pool, or pay somebody to clean it. The system ends up paying for itself quickly. In addition, the system efficiently circulates water which reduces the need for chemicals and reduces heating costs.

  • Improve Circulation
  • Save Chemicals
  • Save Energy
  • Extend Swimming Season
  • Save Time & Money

Phoenix Pool offers vinyl and shotcrete in-ground pools. With over 40 years of experience building pools in both Omaha, Nebraska and Phoenix, Arizona you’re going to love the pool we build. Give us a call today and we’d love to answer any questions you have about what is involved when it comes to building a custom in-ground pool for you and your family. (402) 707-2710.