5 Spa Health Benefits

Fall is here, along with cooler temps, making it an ideal time to finally get a Bullfrog Spa. When it comes to hot tubs in Omaha our Bullfrog Spa collection has been a customer and industry favorite for years. Bullfrog Spas are premium hot tub spas designed to provide a peaceful body, peaceful mind, and peaceful home. They’re engineered with the ultra-efficient patented JetPak Therapy System making them the only hot tub that can be completely personalized to fit your unique body and lifestyle.

5 Spa Health Benefits

  • Cardiovascular Health – Immersing yourself in water gives you a cardiac workout. This is because water puts more pressure on your body which increases your cardiac volume. Even though you’re relaxed, when you’re soaking in water, your heart works a little harder giving you the ultimate two for one – workout + relaxation.
  • Sleep Better – Hot water promotes relaxation which helps you sleep. The heat raises your body temperature which relaxes your muscles. This makes you feel tired and relaxed which helps you sleep. Just make sure not to fall asleep in the hot tub.
  • Reduce Stress – Not only does taking a soak in your Bullfrog Spa help you sleep, but it reduces your overall stress. Reduced stress positively affects your mental and physical health and promotes a feeling of well being.
  • Alleviates Aches & Pains – As we mentioned, hot water helps relax your body. This relaxation can result in reduced aches and pains associated with athletic injuries like muscle pulls and even arthritis. If you’re in pain, a lot of the time a good soak will help you feel better.
  • Reduce Headaches – By dilating blood vessels, spas can decrease pressure in your head which helps get rid of headaches. General relaxation and warmth are part of the headache relieving process as well, both byproducts of the spa soak experience.

If you’ve been considering a spa stop by Omaha’s favorite Pool Company and take a look at a Bullfrog Spa in person. Stop by either of our two locations and we’ll show you all the options and different Bullfrog Spa designs available. Spas are great year round, but especially nice when the temps start dropping and your joints start getting stiff. See you soon!

Why You Should Consider a Shotcrete In-Ground Pool

When you’re considering a pool for your Omaha home you’ll want to consider working with the only Omaha pool company that specializes in building custom in-ground shotcrete pools. It’s one of the services we’re known best for and have a lot of experience doing. In this article we’re going to break down the benefits of in-ground shotcrete pools and why you should consider them if you’re looking to get a custom pool installed. 

What is Shotcrete?

Shotcrete is a method of applying cement. When somebody says shotcrete they mean the method of spraying cement at a high velocity to reach a certain compaction or density level. Shotcrete is applied wet as opposed to “gunite” which is applied dry. To make sure your pool is structurally sound, you want to make sure you’re working with a builder who follows the guidelines outlined by the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and the American Shotcrete Association. Both suggest wet-shot concrete should be water-tight and between 4,000 and 8,000 psi. We test and make sure our concrete strengths pass these standards. This ensures that your pool will not crack or leak and remain water-tight throughout its lifespan.

Benefits of Shotcrete Pools

  • Precision – Concrete is composed of 3 basic ingredients – sand, cement, and water. With shotcrete, the water, sand and cement are all pre-measured precisely at the factory and monitored as it’s poured into the truck. The concrete that is used to build your pool is consistent throughout.
  • No Rebound – When building with cement anything that falls off and hits the ground is called “rebound.” Using the rebound material forms a “cold joint” which has a high probability of failure. Pool builders who use the gunite process instead of the shotcrete often times knowingly or unknowingly use the rebound. With shotcrete there is no rebound, so the problem cannot occur.
  • Hard as a Rock – Shotcrete pools are harder than gunite pools. Gunite can be drilled through. Shotcrete is impenetrable.
  • Faster – Building a pool with a skilled shotcrete builder takes less time. This reduces cost and gets you and your family in the pool faster.

If you’re considering a custom in-ground pool give us a call and we’d be more than happy to answer any questions and give you a free estimate.  Currently, our Doughboy above ground pools and Bullfrog Spas are on clearance. Stop by either one of our stores and take advantage of the great deals we have going on.